All Obstacles Removed ... the Journey Continues for Brain Cancer Patient

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Aidan Immroth lost his battle to brain cancer in November of this year, but at the end of his brief 13 years on this earth, Aidan accomplished something really huge -- actually as big as an elephant -- a painting using a live elephant as the canvas that is! Part of the Pediatric Education and Creative Arts Program at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital, Aidan had a vision to paint a real elephant and it became reality through the help of Ian Cion, MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital's...

Energy Innovation/Smart Grid

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Jason Bordoff is the Associate Director for Energy and Climate Change at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Prior to joining CEQ, he was Policy Director of the Hamilton Project, an economic policy initiative housed at The Brookings Institution committed to promoting more broadly shared prosperity. Jason has written on a broad range of economic policy matters, with a focus on climate and energy, trade and globalization, and tax policy. His publications include "Path to...

Cases of success with Auto-hemotherapy

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Cases of success with Auto-hemotherapy(AHT). - Acne, Skin wounds, Psoriasis, Scleroderma. European Scientific Magazine REFERÊNCIA publishes the Brazilian cientists' Study about auto-hemotherapy: Telma Geovanini and Manoel Mozart Corrêa Norberto. - Treatment of scleroderma autoimmune disease using autohemotherapy. A clinical study. The article is in: Referência Website:

Is Auto-hemotheraphy psychological? (placebo)

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Is Auto-hemotheraphy psychological? (placebo) Skin disease in Akita Inu dog cured with auto-hemotherapy(AHT). Akita Inu had a skin disease typical to these dogs, as they are from a cold region (Himalaya). These images prove to anyone who wants to see with their own eyes the effects of AHT. Telma Geovanini: Nursing Master Degree Auto-hemotherapy Researcher AUTO-HEMOTHERAPY HAS 98 TO 99% SUCCESS Dr. JORGE GONZÁLEZ RAMÍREZ Mexican Scientist - 3 PhDs Human and animal immune...

Renewed Sexual Pleasure for Couples Post-Prostate Cancer Treatment

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Download from iTunes: Erectile dysfunction is an adverse side effect for many prostate cancer patients that often causes unhappiness for the man's partner as well. Leslie Schover, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Behavioral Science at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, has recently completed a clinical trial studying the effectiveness of counseling through face-to-face interaction versus...

Sexual Counseling for Couples after Prostate Cancer Treatment

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Leslie Schover, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Behavioral Science at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, explains her findings from the clinical trial, Counseling About Regaining Erections and Sexual Satisfaction (CAREss). The results examine which group, face-to-face or Internet, had a better sex counseling experience, and also assesses if the partner received improved sexual function as well as the male prostate cancer patient.