Science Nation - Trading Textbooks for Twitter

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These college students are supposed to use their phones in class! "So (class), let's turn to Twitter." Think of it as Twitter 101, a class in, of all things, social media. Not just tweeting, but Facebook, blogging, wikis and the like. Gerald Kane, assistant professor of information systems at the Carroll School of Management, created and teaches the course at Boston College. For this and more Science Nation, please go to:

Role of Video Games in Improving Health-Related Outcomes

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Context: Video games represent amultibillion-dollar industry in the U.S. Although video gaming has been associated with many negative health consequences, it also may be useful for therapeutic purposes. The goal of this study was to determine whether video games may be useful in improving health outcomes. Evidence acquisition: Literature searches were performed in February 2010 in six databases: the Center on Media and Child Health Database of Research, MEDLINE, CINAHL, PsycINFO, EMBASE,...
Authors: Brian A. Primack, Mary V. Carroll, Megan McNamara, Mary Lou Klem, Brandy King, Michael Rich, Chun W. Chan, Smita Nayak

"Горные фильмы как исторический источник по социальной психологии Веймарской республики".

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Панадин Илья Исследовательская работа на тему «Горные фильмы как исторический источник по социальной психологии Веймарской республики». Научный руководитель - Хлопов Михаил Владимирович Санкт-Петербург 2011-2012 ВВЕДЕНИЕ В прошлом году я участвовал с...

How to Succeed in Bringing New Green Energy Technologies to Market

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Summary: In our work at E Source we analyze lots of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and demand response technologies. The first thing we do is determine whether or not they are technically capable of providing the benefits that their vendors claim. That’s the easy part. We also have to make some judgment regarding whether the companies providing these technologies are likely to succeed at bringing them to market. Will they successfully attract, sell to, and serve large numbers of...

Carbon Capture and Storage: What Are the Big Issues and Opportunities for Future Energy Resources?

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Summary: Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) can make significant cuts in Greenhouse Gas emissions and will need to be part of the forward planning for developing future global energy resources. CCS technology comprises a number of steps: 1) CO2 is captured at the source (e.g., a power plant or gas production facility); 2) the captured CO2 is compressed to a supercritical state and transported, typically via pipeline, from the source to the geologic storage site; 3) the CO2 is injected via...

Diminishing Hype of So-called "Clean Coal": Carbon, Capture and Storage (CCS) in the U.S. Context

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Summary: As the coal-reliant countries of the world have been increasingly forced to consider reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to mitigate climate change, carbon capture and storage (CCS) has emerged as a technology with critically important political influence. Visions of so-called "clean" coal-fired power plants that will not emit CO2 into the atmosphere have provided powerful motivation for large public and private investments in CCS. The scale of CO2 emission reductions deemed...