Part II - Benefits of CSR & Design

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2 CSR BENEFITS FOR THE COMPANY 2.1 Increase in Profits A report released by Goldman Sachs (GSSustain, 2007) on six industrial sectors – energy, mining, steel, food, beverages and media – found that companies considered leaders in implementing environmental, social and governance policies designed to create sustained competitive advantage had outperformed the overall stock market by 25 per cent since August 2005. Within their own sectors, 72 per cent of these leading companies had...
Authors: Aguinaldo dos Santos, Carlo Vezzoli, Sara Cortesi

wisskomm tv 39/08

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"Ein Quantum Trost" im Observatorium: Das ESOcast des European Space Observatory - „ Mit Gruber im Labor “: Physik amüsant erklärt bei PM-online - Neue Ausstellung in Berlin: " Mathema " im Deutschen Technikmuseum - Braincast : Podcast von Arvid Leyh - Fachtagung zur Wissenschaftskommunikation in Wien: „ SciCom08 " - Virtuelle Rundreise: Ringvorlesung in Bielefeld mit Direktschaltung ins Labor - Fernsehen und Videos für (nicht nur) britische Lehrer:...

King Solomon's Mines Rediscovered?

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Did the Bible’s King David and his son Solomon control the copper industry in present-day southern Jordan? Though that remains an open question, the possibility is raised once again by research reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

CSE125 Video Game Course (UCSD)

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Video highlighting the CSE 125 Video Game Course at UCSD.

Produced by Calit2

Transforming Science and Society Through Cyberinfrastructure

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Located on the northwest end of the University of California, San Diego is the San Diego Supercomputer Center. Home to what National Science Director Arden L Bement calls “the engine for change for the next scientific revolution,” that engine is Cyberinfrastructure. Just like the coordinated infrastructure that we depend on for our power and transportation, Cyberinfrastructure, or CI, is an organized aggregate of information technologies that include computers, software, networks, data...

New software interfaces for image collections

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The project objective is to design a new interface that maximizes usability of digital image collections based off current methods utilized in sites such as ArtStor, Flickr, Panoramio.