Using The Metaphysics Of Quality To Define Design Science

submitted by: bartneck
Design has evolved from a craft into an academic discipline, but it still falls short on defining its own science. I review previous approaches to Design Science and conclude that the subject–object dualism is the one of the main obstacles. I then apply the Metaphysics of Quality to overcome the dualism and propose Quality as the phenomenon of Design Science. Next, I propose to utilize the analysis of interaction effects as a mean to investigate Quality. Last, I recommend steps we can take...

186 Assignment #5: Proposal-- First Draft

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Authors: Keith Pezzoli

NERM 09: Leveraging Transparency and Crowdsourcing in Chemistry Using Open Notebook Science

submitted by: jcbradley
Jean-Claude Bradley presents on October 9, 2009 at the Northeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Hartford. This talk, entitled "Leveraging Transparency and Crowdsourcing in Chemistry Using Open Notebook Science", was part of a symposium on Publishing and Promoting Chemistry in the Internet Age. It consists of an overview of Open Notebook Science with some new content on solubility prediction algorithms written by Andrew Lang and a few example of students taking a...

Information & Biology, Pierre-Henri Gouyon Keynote ISMB/ECCB Stockholm 2009

submitted by: rschneid

Information and Biology
A keynote given by Pierre-Henri Gouyon during the ISMB/ECCB Stockholm 2009.
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Maps and Locals (MALS) LTER ASM09 Workgroup - Part 4

submitted by: LTER_NetworkOffice_is
We propose a four-hour product oriented working group to make progress on the research agenda concerning Maps and Locals (MALS) that we proposed in our recent application for a LTER supplement grant. The goal of MALS is for each participating LTER site to compile land use maps for three points in time for its site, and then to characterize the changes over time both quantitative and qualitatively. The four hours is organized into a pair of two-hour sessions. Gil Pontius will lead the first...

MWV32 - Healthy Pets, Healthy You

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
Animal, human and environmental health are inexorably intertwined. Diseases are making the jump from animals to humans and vice-versa at an increasing pace. The emergence of animal borne diseases such as Avian flu, Ebola, and most recently H1N1 (swine flu), demonstrate the need for an integrated strategy across several scientific, medical and environmental fields for improved public health. In this episode of MicrobeWorld Video, Dr. Mark Lutschaunig, director of the Governmental Relations...