Violence in Human Society - Prof. Kurt R. Spillmann

Violence in Human Society - 8th Dialogue on Science, 14 – 16 October, 2009, Academia Engelberg Foundation Our views of what violence is are distorted because of the traditional approach to violence as a phenomenon in everyday life. The use and threat of physical and emotional violence against individuals or groups include the use of sheer force as well as the powers of self-assertion in relations of power and control. In a broader sense, violence can be found in all social classes around...

Immersive Smell Movie Theater production

submitted by: cfrend

This is my undergraduate production overview. I have here a stereoscopic single person immersive theater that I created to aid the story telling process of my film productions.

Used Cars Ottawa - Trans Canadian Logistical Science

submitted by: stella_ottawa

Used cars Ottawa; how do we safely and securely ship our new or used car to our home destination can help you find out how?

Perception Versus Reality: Awareness of Physical Activity Levels of British Children

submitted by: vansgirl
Background: Interventions to increase children’s physical activity have had limited success. One reason may be that children and their parents overestimate children’s levels of physical activity, although there are few data on this topic. Purpose: This study aimed to assess awareness of physical activity levels among British school children aged 9–10 years and their parents. Methods: Physical activity was measured by accelerometer in a cross-sectional study of 1892 children...
Authors: Aedin Cassidy, Ulf Ekelund, Alison m. Mcminn, Esther m.f. Van sluijs, Kirsten Corder, Simon j. Griffin

Rape with Extreme Violence: the new pathology in eastern DR Congo

submitted by: nangini
Rape with extreme violence characterizes the deliberate and mutilating assaults on women in girls by militia in eastern DR Congo. Through the lens of the Panzi Hospital in South Kivu, we discuss the medical and socioeconomic impact of REV, and highlight some of its underlying factors. Dr. Mukwege, short-listed for the Nobel Peace prize for the second time this year, offers powerful first-hand experience as as founder and director of the Panzi Hospital. "We don't lose hope...I know that with...

Tom Breeze Interviews David Shephard

submitted by: Tom Breeze

Tom Breeze Interviews David Shephard, President Of The American Board OF NLP & Co-Author Of "Presenting Magically". He finds out all his top tips and strategies to becoming a confident and effective presenter.