The All-In Publication Policy

submitted by: bartneck
The productivity of scientists and the quality of their papers differ enormously. Still, all papers written get published eventually and the impact factor of the publication channel is not correlated to the citations that individual papers receive. Hence it does not matter where to publish papers. Based on these two conjectures, I conclude that all papers should be published. The review process should focus on feedback that helps authors to improve their manuscripts. But we should no longer...

Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 Breakfast Dialogue

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Diane Tarkvorian's presentation during the Breakfast Dialogue

Hour 1 of classes

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British-American Business and Language Arts

GRID Infrastructure in Sicily

submitted by: gianluca.passaro

GRID Infrastructure in Sicily

Cash and in-kind transfers in poor rural communities in Mexico increase household fruit, vegetable, and micronutrient consumption but also lead to excess energy consumption

submitted by: jefleroy
Conditional transfer programs are increasingly popular, but the impact on household nutrient consumption has not been studied. We evaluated the impact of the Programa de Apoyo Alimentario (PAL), a cash and in-kind transfer program, on the energy and nutrient consumption of poor rural households in Mexico. The program has been shown to reduce poverty. Beneficiary households received either a food basket (including micronutrient-fortified milk) or cash. A random sample of 206 rural...
Authors: Jef l Leroy

Economic Impacts of the Pueblo Smokefree Air Act

submitted by: kb4scivee
Background: On July 1, 2003, the city of Pueblo CO enacted a smokefree ordinance (Pueblo Smoke-Free Air Act [PSFAA]) that prohibited smoking in public places and workplaces, including taverns and restaurants. Opponents to this ordinance argued that it would have a negative impact on tavern and restaurant sales. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine whether the PSFAA had a negative economic impact on tavern and restaurant sales tax revenues. Methods: With data gathered in...
Authors: Walter Young, Jeffery Szychowski, Shelley Karp, Lucia Liu, Robert Diedrich