Emergency Response Planning

submitted by: esreed
Recent events suggest that the United States as a whole is unprepared to respond effectively to damage caused by natural disasters. Research indicates that the nation’s university campuses require increased attention paid to their own disaster preparedness planning. This study is tailored specifically to earthquakes in proximity to the University of California at San Diego. Data ascertained has provided crucial insight into the potential consequences of a large-magnitude earthquake in...

New Urbanism, an Experiment or a Practical Approach?

submitted by: judychau

Conformation of Americans to their vehicles has caused a great amount of congestion and problems in the urban infrastructure, in which New Urbanism claims to relieve. This project questions the effectiveness of New Urbanist theories and presents a realistic understanding of transit oriented development in relationship with the American lifestyle.

Designing Sustainability: Forging a Balance between Social and Ecological Imperatives

submitted by: jmdeleon

This research contributes to existing literature on urban park history, and sustainable development in the hope of improving the translation of sustainable design theory into practice.

The Effects of the MTS SuperLoop on UCSD-generated traffic

submitted by: NickFung

Measuring the effect of the MTS SuperLoop on car and shuttle traffic to UCSD

Recovery and Reinvestment Act

submitted by: HC

Analysis of Renewable Solar Energy on a government facility

Bicycles in Shanghai

submitted by: CHRISp

A typical morning commute in Shanghai, China