A sustainable U.S. Mexico Border

submitted by: dgallego12

In this research, we wanted to determine whether it was beneficiary to restore Los Laureles Canyon due to minimal effects done to the region. Understanding the ecological footprint and challenges it introduces to the bio region of Los Laureles Canyon through analyses of different restorations attempts has question whether it is convenient to continue restoration plans.

The Privatization of the Public Realm: Downtown San Diego and the Commercialization of Public Space

submitted by: SDFriar1
With the opening of PETCO Park in 2004, and reinvestment within the community, Downtown San Diego has turned from a blighted community into a bustling center of activity. However, with the rapid ascent of residential and retail space, Downtown has seen an increase in the need for open space and widened public domain. The research presented in this case study examines the effects that privatization has had on the formation and transformation of public space in the Downtown San Diego community.

The Character of Infill: A Case Study of Hillcrest's Uptown Shopping Center

submitted by: jlngo
As new undeveloped land becomes scarce in San Diego and the economic downturn has put pressure on existing developments, particularly retail and commercial spaces, the trend has shifted towards infill redevelopment. Hillcrest’s Uptown District Shopping Center, developed three decades ago, has been heralded as the type of infill major cities should now strive for. Developments such as this one, however, are not easy to achieve nor are they to emulate. This research is a study of what makes...

The Faith Sector

submitted by: eu2nicexd

This research compares faith-based and non faith-based community organizing in City Heights.

Identifying Environmental Injustice through Topics of Tribal Sovereignty and Land Use Politics

submitted by: aplotina

In this research, I analyzed environmental justice issues in San Diego County with a specific focus on Native American Reservations. I did case studies of the Pala Band of Mission Indians and the Campo Band of Mission Indians. I looked at their experiences with their sovereignty with regards to environmental issues and their socioeconomic status.

The Birdland Pit: Community Involvement in Infill Development

submitted by: agage
Infill development is the future of growth in San Diego. Yet when new infill projects are announced they are often opposed by community groups that do not want the character of their neighborhood to change. The goal of this case study was to get ahead of the contentious phase of the redevelopment process by examining a potential infill site in the Birdland neighborhood. The study sought to determine whether there was consensus among the residents -- without the pressure that a looming...