Swept Under the Rug; Assessing the Questionable Site Selection of Affordable Housing

submitted by: dhecklau

Current research on affordable housing presents the benefits of selecting sites in areas of high opportunity, specifically intimating that affordable housing has significantly more utility when located in proximity to employment, services, and the cultural and recreational accoutrement of the community. This has a deleterious effect on the affordable housing in Poway, California and raises legitimate concerns.

Urban Underclass

submitted by: mslu

An analysis of projects in unplanned settlements in Lusaka, Zambia and The Los Laureles Canyons.

Improving Quality of Life for Seniors: A Case Study in Serviced Enriched Affordable Housing

submitted by: Nicole Piano

Improving quality of life for seniors: A case study in serviced enriched affordable housing

Examining 'Food Culture' for Grassroots Mobilization

submitted by: rlee

My postercast provides an overview of my thesis on the food culture of City Heights, which includes the purpose of my research, findings/analysis, and an explanation to how the knowledge that is gathered from my thesis could contribute to grassroots mobilization.

Transportation in Rio de Janeiro: Sustainable Development and the 2016 Olympic Games

submitted by: mpashayi
Sustainability in developing countries is an issue gaining an increasing interest from the international community. This research project examines the upcoming development in Rio de Janeiro as the 2016 Olympic Games catalyze major urban changes to its physical environment. The study focuses on transportation planning and how the population will be affected as the federal, state, and municipal governments work with private companies to implement projects that improve the current...

Disparities in Food Outlets

submitted by: mdmacmanus

An examination of food outlets in two socioeconomically distinct communities in San Diego: City Heights and Rancho Bernardo