Preserving Los Angeles: An Examination of SurveyLA as a Process Model

submitted by: PamelaRPeng

SurveyLA is a long overdue citywide historic resource survey set to being in June 2010. Historic resource surveys are the backbone of historic preservation efforts. The project is significant because of the monumental size of the undertaking. It is projected to be completed at an unprecedented rate because of the use of technology to streamline the survey process. The goal of SurveyLA is to make historic resource data accessible to everyone through an online GIS database.

Reshaping the U.S. Housing Market: Nonprofits Helping Latinos Bridge the Housing Gap

submitted by: vyflores

My topic deals with affordable housing. The contents of the postercast indicate the purpose, background, and significance of the study. The analysis of demographics, annual reports, and scholarly journals is also mentioned. Additionally, some graphs and pictures are included.

Greening the University

submitted by: jgrosvenor
The need for sustainability within the university has been apparent for some while now; however it is only recently that this need has been seriously addressed in campus planning. This paper investigates the various approaches to sustainable practices within the university, and further examines the specific challenges and obstacles to the implementation of these practices. Also explored is the new type of collaboration between the sustainability institute and campus planning departments...

Multimodal Transit: Transit Center Policy and Implementation

submitted by: mcouvrette

This study provides an evaluation of the San Diego Association of
Government’s (SANDAG) long range regional transit plan contained in San
Diego Regional Transportation Plan: Pathways of the Future 2030. More
specifically, the project addresses the policy and implementation of
multimodal transit systems.

Swept Under the Rug; Assessing the Questionable Site Selection of Affordable Housing

submitted by: dhecklau

Current research on affordable housing presents the benefits of selecting sites in areas of high opportunity, specifically intimating that affordable housing has significantly more utility when located in proximity to employment, services, and the cultural and recreational accoutrement of the community. This has a deleterious effect on the affordable housing in Poway, California and raises legitimate concerns.

Urban Underclass

submitted by: mslu

An analysis of projects in unplanned settlements in Lusaka, Zambia and The Los Laureles Canyons.