A San Diego Ethnic Business Cluster: A Case Study of the Proposed Little Saigon on El Cajon Boulevard

submitted by: tnguyen

A research project analyzing ethnic enclaves and their ability to become an ethnic business cluster, specifically a proposed Little Saigon in San Diego.

Rural Transportation in Metropolis

submitted by: Dillon

Displays the findings from the San Diego Association of Government's Rural Transportation "Key Stakeholder" Survey

Fitting Cultural Heritage within Economic Development

submitted by: vcuate

The research topic involves economic revitalization processes of an older community. Content of the poster includes background of the research, findings, methodology, conclusions, and significance to a larger context.

Arriving at Sustainability: Determining the Incentives for Airport Sustainability Programs

submitted by: tpeterka

This postercast describes my Senior Research Project in the Urban Studies & Planning program at the University of California, San Diego.

Preserving Los Angeles: An Examination of SurveyLA as a Process Model

submitted by: PamelaRPeng

SurveyLA is a long overdue citywide historic resource survey set to being in June 2010. Historic resource surveys are the backbone of historic preservation efforts. The project is significant because of the monumental size of the undertaking. It is projected to be completed at an unprecedented rate because of the use of technology to streamline the survey process. The goal of SurveyLA is to make historic resource data accessible to everyone through an online GIS database.

Reshaping the U.S. Housing Market: Nonprofits Helping Latinos Bridge the Housing Gap

submitted by: vyflores

My topic deals with affordable housing. The contents of the postercast indicate the purpose, background, and significance of the study. The analysis of demographics, annual reports, and scholarly journals is also mentioned. Additionally, some graphs and pictures are included.