Sustainable Green Alleys: Collaborative Governance

submitted by: julieyun
The Southcrest Beta Green Street Alley pilot project represents a longstanding priority of the City of San Diego to pave the dirt alleyway with permeable material to promote sustainability and to improve accessibility for the adjacent residents. Cities across the United States have been adopting their own green alley programs to better manage storm water and urban runoff while this trend has only caught on recently for San Diego. As greening alleys is a fairly new concept to San Diegans,...
Authors: Julie Yun

Live/Work Org Strategies

submitted by: katiepsf

A look at the Creative Economy and its effect on the rising income gap. Deeper look at California Live/Work organizations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego and the strategies that each live/work org is using to combat this gap

Skate Parks: Countercultural Communities Reclaiming Urban Public Space

submitted by: bpn003

The central focus of this study has attempted to deconstruct the idea of public space through an analysis of skate parks and the colonization of public space by youth and countercultural communities. The existing scholarly literature primarily concentrates on the architecture and spatial function of skate parks.

The Struggle of Establishing Authentic Demand in the Mist of Development

submitted by: Jessica Nevarez

Poster describing research done in USP 187

Thinking Ahead: Creating Efficient Emergency Response in San Diego

submitted by: nommad10

The San Diego Fire Department (SDFD) receives a large amount of criticism due to inefficient response times. This is problematic since there is currently a need for faster response times. Studies have been conducted to meet the demand for efficient response times. However, because San Diego is growing in population and becoming an environmental fire hazard, the demand for efficient emergency response time will be even greater in the future.

Inhibitor of Good Planning? The Influence of CEQA Litigation on the San Diego Region

submitted by: MattGoodman
Outlines a research strategy to examine the positive impact of CEQA litigation by San Diego region advocacy groups in providing the region with more robust, environmentally friendly projects. This proposal focuses on four essential areas in which CEQA litigation is of the utmost importance to protect the region’s environment. Environmental sustainability is crucial to future generations of humans and the region’s wildlife. This raises fundamental problems: Land use development is...