Hemianopic and Quadrantanopic Field Loss, Eye and Head Movements, and Driving

submitted by: jowood
Purpose: To compare eye and head movements, lane keeping and vehicle control of drivers with hemianopic and quadrantanopic field defects with controls, and to identify differences in these parameters between hemianopic and quadrantanopic drivers rated safe to drive by a clinical driving rehabilitation specialist (CDRS) compared to those rated as unsafe. Methods: Eye and head movements and lane-keeping were rated in 22 persons with homonymous hemianopic defects and 8 with quadrantanopic...
Authors: Lanning Kline, Dawn Decarlo, Ronald Braswell, Michael Vaphiades, Jennifer Elgin, Gerald Mcgwin, Joanne Wood, Cynthia Owsley

Synaptic Land - The Movie

submitted by: KidsJudgePartnership
The story of how two behavioral neuroscience graduate students from Oregon Health & Science University conceived and constructed the very first "Synaptic Land", a game that helps kids learn about processes involved in neurotransmission. Since its debut at the Oregon Kids Judge! Neuroscience Fair held at OMSI in 2002, undergraduate and graduate students at many other universities have created their own versions of the Synaptic Land game (e.g., PENN, University of Scranton, California...

Would You Like to Be a Mentor?

submitted by: KidsJudgePartnership

Introduction to mentoring opportunities for biomedical science students at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, Los Angeles CA. Discusses the Kids Judge! Los Angeles Biomedical Science Fair as well as classroom teaching opportunities at an elementary school in the neighborhood.

The Science Fair Song

submitted by: TheScienceSiblings
An animated music video about the science fair. Created by Kevin Temmer. www.kevintemmer.com Kevin Temmer graduated from the International Baccalaureate program at Land O' Lakes High School (Land O' Lakes, Florida) in 2011. Kevin created this animation as part of the Creativity Action Service (CAS) requirement for the International Baccalaureate program. To watch the entire video, "Prepare for the Science Fair", go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e5XU0HKFLA © Copyright 2011 Kevin...

A Firm Foundation For Private Data Analysis

submitted by: cdwork2003@yahoo.com
In the information realm, loss of privacy is usually associated with failure to control access to information, to control the flow of information, or to control the purposes for which information is employed. Differential privacy arose in a context in which ensuring privacy is a challenge even if all these control problems are solved: privacy-preserving statistical analysis of data. The problem of statistical disclosure control— revealing accurate statistics about a set of...
Authors: Cynthia Dwork

9th Dialogue on Science 2010 - Opinions of the participants Part 3

Challenging Democracy - 9th Dialogue on Science of the Academia Engelberg Foundation 2010 During this year’s Dialogue on Science held in Engelberg in mid October, experts from various disciplines and countries with different forms of government analyzed the concept of democracy. You can find the reportings, impressions, audio- and video-files of the 9th Dialogue on Science on the website: http://www.academia-engelberg.ch/conference_2010.php5 . Visit also the Blog on...