Galapagos Penguins

submitted by: Vegas51

Galapagos Penguins near Bartolomé, a volcanic islet off the eastern coast of Santiago Island. This was filmed by me on July 11th, 2008 while snorkeling.

GP-GRID video 1: Genetic Programming with ECJ

submitted by: lciuffo

EELA-2 application demo
Authors:Francisco Fernández de Vega and Daniel Lombraña González

Finding polymorphic Rat SNPs using RGD's SNPlotyper tool

submitted by: simont

This screencast shows how to identify polymorphic SNPs between different rat strains using RGD's SNPlotyper tool and the STAR consortium SNP genotype dataset. SNPlotyper is available at the Rat Genome Database ( and contains SNP genotype data produced by the european STAR consortium (

An introduction to Mahara (with audio)

submitted by: andykirk

open source ePortfolio system, Mahara, in under five minutes.

Designing Urban Parks for Civic Vitality and Sustainability

submitted by: kpezzoli

Mentored by Judy Tjiong students Mark Arroyo, Dave Eng, Mayra Medel, and Chris Wong present "Designing Urban Parks for Civic Vitality and Sustainability" for the grand challenge for "Equitable Redevelopment and public policy" for their USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project 1.1.1. For more information please see:

Keepers of the Flam

submitted by: DakinHenderson

This is a portrait of an ecological study on Flammulated Owls, being conducted in Colorado by Brian Linkhart. The film investigates all aspects of the study: the science, the people, the setting, and the birds themselves. This version is condensed to 15 minutes from the original length of 38 minutes. For the full-length version please contact