Making and Measuring Memristors

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Stanley Williams of Hewlett-Packard Labs presents the story of how his team fabricated the first memristors.

Presented 1/8/2010 at the Resistive Switching and Memristors Workshop hosted by ICAM at UC Davis.

Marian Smoluchowski in life and science: A brief story

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Jozef Spalek, Jagiellonian University Abstract: I shall be happy to say few words about Marian Smoluchowski, who was a very interesting person, apart from being a great scientist (he died at the age of 45 when returning from a routine Tatry-mountain expedition in 1917, after drinking a contaminated water from Raba river; he did not know that a dead horse was lying in the river upstream; it was the 1st World War time). More importantly, I shall provide an overview of Smoluchowski's...

Theoretical investigations of effective interactions in colloidal suspensions

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Pavel Bryk, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University Abstract: Effective interactions between macroparticles play a key role in predicting the stability of colloidal suspensions. The bare interactions between macroparticles are attractive at larger separations due to the dispersion forces between the atoms forming the colloidal particles. In order to prevent aggregation the colloidal suspension must be stabilized either by charge or sterically. Technical developments during last two decades made...

Repulsive interaction between spherical polyelectrolyte brushes as measured by the kinetics of coagulation

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Matthias Ballauff, University of Bayreuth, Physical Chemistry I Abstract: We propose a new way to determine weak repulsive forces operative between colloidal particles by measuring the rate of slow coagulation. As shown by Smoluchowski in his classical papers, the rate of slow coagulation is directly related to the competition of the repulsion with thermal motion. Since the thermal forces are weak, measurements of the coagulation rate can lead to precise information on repulsive potentials...

Overview of the International Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (I2CAM)

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Daniel Cox introduces ICAM, I2CAM.

Presented at PSSM Workshop on Liquid Crystals and Colloidal Dispersions

Photochemical switching between colloidal photonic crystals at the nematic-air interface

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Stanislav Chernyshuk, Institute of Physics Abstract: A direct observation of the photochemical switching between colloidal crystals with different lattice constants in a liquid-crystal emulsion is reported. Glycerol droplets introduced in a nematic liquid crystal form two-dimensional hexagonal colloidal crystal at the nematic-air interface with a lattice constant depending on the surface tension LCA. We dope an azobenzene derivative into the LC emulsion to modulate the colloidal structures...