STATA Tutorial: Kruskal-Wallis

submitted by: tltom

This tutorial will help you decipher when the use of the Kruskal-Wallis test is applicable and how to calculate the statistic in the STATA program.

Coagulation Pathway

submitted by: kkgan

How to study the coagulation cascade

Counseling 101

submitted by: CMJin

The video shows what counseling means to a pharmacist/pharmacy student and the importance of proper counseling techniques.

Top 100 drugs

submitted by: dachang

A quick review of the 2011-2012 Skaggs School of Pharmacy's Top 100 drugs.

Octanoate and Nonanoate Oxidation Increases 50-80% Over the First Two Days of Life in Piglet Triceps Brachii and Gracilis Muscle Strips

submitted by: Thomas D. Crenshaw
An in vitro muscle strip incubation system was developed to measure the rate of catabolism of 1 mmol/L [1-14C]octanoate, 1 mmol/L [1-14C]nonanoate, 1mmol/L [9-14C]nonanoate and 10 mmol/L [U-14C]glucose by measuring the recovery of 14CO2. Muscle strips (13 mm?1.5 mm ~50 mg) were isolated from triceps brachii and gracilis muscles of newborn and 2 d old, small (<950 g) and large (>1450 g) piglets. The position of the 14C label in the substrate affected the rate and amount of recovery in...
Authors: M.A. Tetrick, T.D. Crenshaw, N.J. Benevenga

PharmGenEd™ HIV/AIDS

submitted by: KuoOffice

This webinar was presented on Monday, March 12, 2012 by Dr. Jennifer Cocohoba. Dr. Cocohoba discusses select pharmacogenomic effects on HIV therapy.