MSI-CIEC: Computational Astrobiology

submitted by: foxsdengcf

Kim Binsted presents "Computational Astrobiology" at The Minority-Serving Institutions Cyberinfrastructure Institute (MSICI2) Preliminary Program at the San Diego Supercomputing Center, University of California San Diego La Jolla, California | June 26-29, 2006

MSI-CIEC: Advanced Cyberinfrastructure to enable multi-scale multi-site Brain Research

submitted by: foxsdengcf

Mark Ellisman discusses "Advanced Cyberinfrastructure to enable multi-scale multi-site Brain Research" at the Minority-Serving Institutions Cyberinfrastructure Institute (MSICI2) Planning and Learning Meeting held at SDSC January 30-31 2006

wisskomm wochenschau 5/08

submitted by: wisskomm
German vodcast about science communications. Diese Woche: Die Max-Planck-Gesellschaft einigt sich mit dem Springer-Verlag , Springers " Open Choice ", " Evolution: Education and Outreach " online im Volltext, die DVD vom Wettbewerb " Performing Science " gibt es hier, Pressemeldung der „ Initiative Wissenschaftsjournalismus ", Schreibwettbewerb bei " sciencegarden ", die " Darwin Day Celebration " und als Fundstück: Wie die...

Gene expression studies of cancer - Prof. Chad Creighton (Part 1)

submitted by: ralanharris

Lecture on gene expression studies of cancer and gene transcription signatures. Part of the Computer-Aided Discovery Methods course taught at Baylor College of Medicine.

Microbe Lab (MWV13)

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
MicrobeWorld visits the Marian Koshland Science Museum for “Microbe Lab,” a free day of activities for the general public. In this episode we interview Erika Shugart, deputy director of the Koshland Museum, about “Microbe Lab” and the Crack Koshie’s Curious Case: A Disease Detective Mission activity. Next, we talk with Nagla Fetouh, Education Program Manager for the Koshland Museum, who led a disease exchange activity that teaches people about ways to control the spread of...