Changes in consumer knowledge and behavioral intention toward genetically engineered foods

submitted by: Samer Koutoubi

Samer Koutoubi shares his poster presentation at the Experimental Biology 2008 conference.

Effect of intermittent fasting on markers of oxidative stress and serum biochemical markers of cellular damage in healthy subjects

submitted by: hosamh

Dr. Hosam Habib shares his poster presentation at the at the Experimental Biology Conference 2008.

Cucurmin alters MAPK intensity and duration in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes that correlates with diverse cellular function

submitted by: bsfergus

Bradley Ferguson shares his poster presentation at the Experimental Biology Conference 2008.


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FOXNEWS.COM HOME > HEALTH. Monday, February 25, 2008. ABCD's of Melanoma. Malignant Melanoma is the most aggressive of malignant cutaneous tumours. Cases with lymphonode involvement, and distant metastases, carry a very poor prognosis, (50% and 20% respectively alive in 5 years), while those presenting without evident lymphonode involvement have a much better survival rate (60% alive in 5 years). It is therefore extremely important to do early malignant melanoma diagnosis. There...

Immunoprecipitation in 40 min's - Dynabeads vs. Sepharose/agarose

submitted by: andrewinoslo

See these two technologies go head to head in a side-by-side time elapsed protocol


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German physician Otto Werner (1879-1936) described the clinical picture of this syndrome in 1904, in four sisters, defining the skin thin, tight, scleroderma-like, that mimics premature aging, with bilateral cataracts associated. Also known with the term Progeria, "Prematurely Old" greek derivation, due to the fact that usually presents wrinkling and aging of face. Progeria occurs in two forms: Progeria of childhood, described by Jonathan Hutchinson (1886) and Hastings Gilford (1897),...