SPPS205-2012 Quality and Cost Effectiveness Part I

submitted by: Phil

Lecture presented by Rick Peters.

SSPPS205 2012 Informatics in Drug Discovery

submitted by: Phil

Presented by Philip Bourne as part of a P1 PharmD course in Pharmacy Informatics at UCSD.

SSPPS Pharmacy Informatics Clinical Decision Support

submitted by: Phil

Lecture Presented by Dr Rob El-Kareh.

Asthma Inhaler Technique

submitted by: alt017

This video will provide counseling points and demonstrations on how to use Pro-Air HFA and Advair Diskus.

Fad Diets

submitted by: akchin

We are featuring common Fad Diet commercials, bringing in a Pharmacist's expertise on the matter, and presenting the reality of the best way to have a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamins: In The Elderly & Pregnant

submitted by: jgarrett

TV and the media want you to "Take Your Vitamins" but is this always the case?