BindingDB: Find and view all data for a target of interest

submitted by: gnicpro

This tutorial describes how to view all published binding data for a protein target in BindingDB

SPPS205 2012 Pharmacy Informatics Lecture 3: eProfessionalism

submitted by: Phil

This lecture covers the basics of acting professionally when using social media and introduces two papers, one from the viewpoint of the faculty hiring a pharmacy resident and the other from the perspective of a pharmacy student.

SPPS205 Pharmacy Informatics Lecture 2: Computer Basics

submitted by: Phil

Lecture 2 of SPPS205 Pharmacy Informatics covers computer,network and security basics.

SPPS205 Pharmacy Informatics Lecture 1: Art of Medicine to the Sciences of Health

submitted by: Phil

Howard Asher CEO of ATM Health providing a first year PharmD lecture at UCSD in Pharmacy Informatics (SPPS205). The lecture describes the history and current state of health care and the promise of the future through advances both in basic and clinical care as well as the role that information technology has to play. The major take home message as recorded by the students was the emergence of person centric care.

Art of Medicine to the Sciences of Health

submitted by: Phil

Lecture by Howard Asher to the UCSD Pharmacy Informatics (SPPS205) class. The lecture covers the problems and promise of health care with an emphasis on informatics issues, particularly as it related to pharmacists.

Video tip of the week: Highlights [heh] of the Cannabis browser

submitted by: OpenHelix

An introduction to the Cannabis genome browser. For the paper and links, visit .