Greening the University

submitted by: jgrosvenor
The need for sustainability within the university has been apparent for some while now; however it is only recently that this need has been seriously addressed in campus planning. This paper investigates the various approaches to sustainable practices within the university, and further examines the specific challenges and obstacles to the implementation of these practices. Also explored is the new type of collaboration between the sustainability institute and campus planning departments...

University of Maine Spatial Information Research 1: Michael Worboys

submitted by: spatial

This is a short summary of the current research interests of Professor Michael Worboys of the Department of Spatial Information Science and Engineering.

Seething History

A Scripps team captures gases emitted from Iceland's volcanoes to plumb the island's geologic roots and address hot scientific debates.

The Dead Zone

submitted by: anthony.reisinger

An animated story of seasonal hypoxia occurring at the outflows of the Mississippi River.

Che cos'è l'Open Access

submitted by: PumaCNR
L'open access è un movimento globale che da anni si sta diffondendo nel mondo della ricerca. Esso trova le sue basi in tre differenti dichiarazioni (anche definite le tre 'B'): la Declaration of Budapest del febbraio 2002, il Bethesda Statement on OA Publishing del giugno 2003 e la Berlin Declaration dell'ottobre dello stesso anno. L'idea comune è che i risultati di una ricerca finanziata con denaro pubblico debbano essere fruibili da chiunque, senza limitazioni. I vantaggi sono...

Heavy Balloon

submitted by: livi11

Filling a Balloon with c02 from Dry Ice+Water.