EuroSITES : Monitoring Europe's open ocean

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Climate Change - Monitoring of the oceans' interior In the age of satellites and Google EarthTM, even the most far-fetched corners of the planet can be viewed with just a few clicks of a mouse. But even satellites do not penetrate the oceans interior. Why is the ocean’s interior important? How does it interact with the global climate we seek to understand and predict? These are all questions that can be answered by installing a series of deep ocean observatories in the oceans’...

Ocean Acidification by Aaron, Ricardo, Andres

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Ocean Acidification

Inside the Plastic Vortex

A groundbreaking Scripps voyage led by students helps define a rising environmental threat

Clearing the Air

A Scripps researcher hopes to demonstrate that improving developing world cooking methods could slow global warming and improve public health along the way

Flight of the Dragons

Using DNA, Scripps researchers unlock the evolutionary path of Australia's seadragons.

Stabilize and Then Reduce Population

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Efforts to create a cleaner, healthier, safer world will be erased by the impacts of consumption and population growth - unless we stop chasing MORE and begin embracing LESS. This video promotes the concept that a better future is possible in a world in which couples make responsible family size decisions and policy-makers adopt informed, sustainable population policies.