Variation of macrofaunal assemblage in a sandy beach of  Gulf of Cadiz (Spain) along a touristical pressure gradient

submitted by: Reyes-Martínez_Mª
   Globally, the coast is undergoing a process of degradation, due to increased population, increased demand for its resources and the uncontrolled urban development (Schlacher et al., 2008). This degradation is noticeable along of Andalusian coast where it has given priority to tourist development as the main engine of the economy of the community. Such use has a direct impact on invertebrates species inhabiting the beaches, and an indirect...

Assessing functional diversity of subtidal biocenosis on rocky shores. A methodological study from the bay of Saint Malo, France.

submitted by: Régis_Gallon
The Marine Strategy Framework directive enforces member states of Europe to achieve a good environmental status before 2020. For the first time in an European directive, an ecosystemic approach is explicitly stated. In this context, methodological approaches need to be implemented to develop indicators of biological diversity but also abundance and biomass. Subtidal rocky habitats have been little studied up to now, and the role of red algae habitats in terms of community structure,...

Annotating the Deep sea using imagery from NEPTUNE Canada Ocean Network

submitted by: Marjolaine_Matabos

The limited accessibility to the deep-sea results in a under estimation of biodiversity as rare species are not properly sampled, especially in abyssal plain characterized by low densities. Long-term and continuous observations of the seafloor using undersea cabled observatories will contribute to the sampling effort needed to better document marine biodiversity.

Threatened canopy algae: an experimental investigation of factors affecting the successful transplantation on artificial marine infrastructures.

submitted by: Filippo_Ferrario
We present the results of experimental work aimed at examining the feasibility of controlling the growth of desirable species on man-made coastal defense structures (CDS). We focused on important habitat forming macroalgae of the genus Cystoseira threatened by loss in the Mediterranean sea. We analyzed the role of grazing in influencing the survival and growth of Cystoseira on CDS, as pilot tests suggested herbivory has a potentially limiting role. Grazers impact on growth and survival of...

Comparative study of the macrofaunal assemblages in sandy beaches of western coast of Andalusia (Spain).

submitted by: M._Ruiz-Delgado

In this communication, the composition and structure of macrofaunal assemblages in sandy beaches of the SW Spanish coast is studied. Ten beaches along the western coast of Andalucía were sampled, from Isla Canela (Ayamonte-Huelva), near to the Portuguese border, to the Strait of Gibraltar.

Integrated coastal zone management in the French Mediterranean: A large-scale Artificial Reefs programme in the Bay of Marseille

submitted by: Maude_MaudeDubois

With ca. 27.000m3 of submerged structures by 25-30m depth, the "PRADO REEFS" programme initiated in 2008 in the bay of Marseille, is one of the largest artificial reefs complex in Europe. Structures were established close to Posidonia oceanica meadows, a highly productive ecosystem, heavily impacted in this urban area. This 6M€ programme has emerged after concertation with all stakeholders.