Progress and Promise in Parkinson's

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Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disease that affects nearly a million people in the U.S. No cure exists and current medications become less effective over time. This video provides a patient's perspective of living with Parkinson's and a scientist's efforts to better understand the disease using novel stem cell research strategies.

Progress and Promise in Huntington's

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Huntington's disease (HD) is a genetic neurodegenerative disorder that typically strikes in a person's thirties and leads to death 10-15 years later. Through firsthand stories, this video describes the devastating impact of the disease on families, the inspirational power of patient advocacy, and the promise of stem cell research to find a cure.

tRNA on Ribosome

submitted by: Ottar Stensvold
tRNA on Ribosome and how to wrap in and stop antigens with nucleic acids New drug; Are the classic ribosome-tRNA models wrong? - A chance (Regarding autoimmune MS and diabetes: My idea is to take down the protein markers which the T-cells home in on when they perform autoimmunity, and/or target the receptors / surface proteins on the T-cells which they use in this task. At GenBank we can find some of the needed gene/protein sequences.) I try to explain my theory in this video:...


75 symposium

Folate and methionine metabolism in autism: a systematic review

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Background: Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that is increasingly being recognized as a public health issue. Recent evidence has emerged that children with autism may have altered folate or methionine metabolism, which suggests the folate-methionine cycle may play a key role in the etiology of autism. Objective: The objective was to conduct a systematic review to examine the evidence for the involvement of alterations in folate-methionine metabolism in the etiology of...
Authors: Penelope Main, Manya Angley, Philip Thomas, Catherine O'doherty, Michael Fenech

Subject 8: ERD/ERS organization during Motor Imagery

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Subject 8: ERD/ERS organization during Motor Imagery