Depth Electrode Recordings in the Human Brain: Evidence for Pervasive Mirroring

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Talk by Marco Iacoboni about "Depth Electrode Recordings in the Human Brain"

Rethinking proteasome evolution: two novel bacterial proteasomes.

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The proteasome is a multisubunit structure that degrades proteins. Protein degradation is an essential component of regulation because proteins can become misfolded, damaged, or unnecessary. Proteasomes and their homologues vary greatly in complexity: from HslV (heat shock locus v), which is encoded by 1 gene in bacteria, to the eukaryotic 20S proteasome, which is encoded by more than 14 genes. Despite this variation in complexity, all the proteasomes are composed of homologous subunits. We...
Authors: Valas Re, Bourne Pe

Industry Talk #5 about "Visualizing Genome Analyzer Runs"

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Industry Talk #5 by Tobias Mann about "Visualizing Genome Analyzer Runs"

Academy Talk #4

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Academy Talk #4 by Bernhard Palsson