Layer-by-Layer culturing of neuronal network

submitted by: andrewsun

Supplement information of Nature Methods 2008, 5, 735. Neuronal networks is cultured by layer-by-layer assembly of neuron-attached colloids. The resulting neuronal network is able to react to light stimuli.

Pterygoneurum lamellatum with Crossidioid photosynthetic enations

submitted by: rzander

Pterygoneurum lamellatum is a western and High Arctic moss in North America that has two kinds of photosynthetic enations on the adaxial (ventral) surface of the costa (midrib), the usual lamellae of Pterygoneurum and in this particular specimen from Alaska the (short) filaments of Crossidium.

Modeling Fragmentation Patterns of ECD/ETD Mass Spectrometers

submitted by: patel.anandd

Mass spectrometers are sophisticated instruments that detect the mass of ionized molecules, which is useful in the field of chemistry and most recently proteomics. Newer spectrometers ionize and fragment molecules with different specificity and resolution, which requires understanding and applying these newer fragmentation patterns to current peptide sequencing algorithms like InsPect.

Soft mechanical actuators: Applications in artificial implants, biomimicking devices, and stem cell culture.

submitted by: hanliang

Our project will be focused on the development of a multifunctional oscillating hydrogel device that undergoes reversible, time dependent and sinusoidal volume/mechanical changes in response to temperature perturbations. These oscillating hydrogels will then be employed inregulating musculoskeletal differentiation of stem cells in the context of regenerative medicine.

Bioengineering Synovial Fluid with Modulated Hyaluronan Molecular Weight and Function

submitted by: bjlao
This project seeks to gain a better understanding of (1) how cytokines regulate the molecular weight (MW) of the synovial fluid (SF) lubricant molecule hyaluronan (HA), and (2) the relationship between HA MW and lubricating function, to aid in bioengineering functional SF in bioreactors. The regulatory effects of SF cytokines IL-1?, IL-17, IL-32, TGF-?1, and TNF-? on HA MW will be assessed by image-processing analysis of a novel separation and staining method, and the lubricating function...

Statistical-based Control Wrapper for Automated Neuroimaging Data Processing

submitted by: jiwu

The field of functional neuroimaging heavily utilizes numerical data processing, but a lack of uniformity and standarization of subject data and statistical testings heavily cripples working efficiency. This project plans to produce a statistical-based control wrapper that attempts the automated implementation of standarization given an unknown workspace.