Newly Diagnosed Symptomatic Multiple Myeloma: (mSMART) Consensus Guidelines 2013

submitted by: WentzMR

Dr. Joseph Mikhael, a Hematologist from Mayo Clinic in Arizona shares results of a consensus guideline appearing in the April 2013 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings, which provides a rational, safe, and effective update to the changing field of multiple myeloma treatment. Available at:

Computerized Bar Code–Based Blood Identification System and Near-Miss Transfusion Episodes

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Dr. Gregory Nuttall, a Cardiovascular Anesthesiologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, discusses his article appearing in the April 2013 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings, which describes a computerized system for the matching and verification of blood transfusions to enhance patient safety. Available at:

Diagnostic Yield of Electroencephalography in a General Inpatient Population

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Dr. John Betjemann, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology at the University of California in San Francisco, discusses his article appearing in the April 2013 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings, which exposes surprising results of seizure activity in 7% of non-critically ill patients with spells or altered mental status. Available at:

Institution Wide QT Alert System Identifies Patients with High Risk of Mortality

submitted by: WentzMR
Available at: Dr. Michael Ackerman, the Windland Smith Rice Cardiovascular Genomics Research Professor and Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Pharmacology, and Dr. Pedro Caraballo, Assistant Professor of Medicine from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, assess the outcome of a study appearing in the April 2013 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings regarding the development of an institution wide QT alert system and the mortality rates across diverse patient populations...

Gene Annotator Tutorial

submitted by: RGD.Videos

The Gene Annotator takes a list of gene symbols, RGD IDs, GenBank accession numbers, Ensembl identifiers, and/or a chromosomal region, and retrieves annotation data from RGD. This tool will retrieve annotations from any or all ontologies used at RGD for genes and their orthologs, as well as links to additional information at other databases.

Effect of periodontal disease on diabetes: systematic review of epidemiologic observational evidence

submitted by: WSB
Background: Periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus are common, chronic diseases worldwide. Epidemiologic and biologic evidence suggests periodontal disease may affect diabetes. Objective: To systematically review non-experimental, epidemiologic evidence for effects of periodontal disease on diabetes control, complications, and incidence. Data sources: Electronic bibliographic databases, supplemented by hand searches of recent and future issues of relevant journals. Study eligibility...
Authors: Wenche S. Borgnakke, Pekka V. Ylostalo, George W. Taylor, Robert R. Genco