Anesthesia and Incident Dementia

submitted by: WentzMR
Dr. Christopher Jankowski, an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, shares study results appearing in the June 2013 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Utilizing data from the Rochester Epidemiology Project, the investigators found no correlation between dementia and exposure to anesthetic agents in older persons undergoing surgical procedures. Available at:

L-carnitine in the Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

submitted by: WentzMR

Dr. James DiNicolantonio, a pharmacist from Wegmans Pharmacy in Ithaca, NY, discusses his article appearing in the June 2013 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings illustrating a reduction in all-cause mortality and other benefits when using the amino acid, L-carnitine in patients experiencing myocardial infarction.

De geschiedenis van de Pathologie, een reis door de archieven

submitted by: LUMC_PA_MD
Technologische vooruitgang in de pathologie. Een reis door de archieven. Van anatomisch theater naar “gepersonaliseerde geneeskunde”. Deze video presentatie is gemaakt ten behoeve van de promotie van Ronald van Eijk d.d. 8 mei 2013 op het proefschrift: Technological Advances in Molecular Pathology. A journey into the Archives De presentatie geeft een populair wetenschappelijk beeld van de ontwikkelingen in de Pathologie. In de loop der eeuwen zijn er vele revolutionaire, breed...

The Back-Up: Plan B

submitted by: PlanB

An informative video to clarify any misconceptions about and promote the proper use of emergency contraceptives, i.e. Plan B.

iCONCUR: informed CONsent for Clinical data Use for Research

submitted by: ucsd_idash
iCONCUR: informed CONsent for Clinical data Use for Research Date: Fri May 17, 2013 Host: Lucila Ohno-Machado University of California San Diego ABSTRACT Biomedical research and healthcare improvements are accelerating through the sharing of data and use of predictive analytics on these data. Sources of data include electronic health record systems, clinical trial management systems, and personal monitoring devices—each with its own regulations for data use in research and quality...

Consumer attitudes and understanding of low sodium claims on food: An analysis of healthy and hypertensive individuals

submitted by: Christina.L.Wong
Background: Sodium-related claims on food labels should facilitate lower-sodium food choices; however, consumer attitudes and understanding of such claims are unknown. Objectives: We evaluated consumer attitudes and understanding of different types of sodium claims and the effect of having hypertension on responses to such claims. Design: Canadian consumers (n = 506), with and without hypertension, completed an online survey that contained a randomized mock package experiment, which...
Authors: Christina Wong, JoAnne Arcand, Julio Mendoza, Spencer Henson, Ying Qi, Wendy Lou, Mary L'Abbé