Agent-based model of laser hair removal: A treatment optimization and patient education tool.

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This video explains how to use the ABM of laser hair removal available at

Benefits of a Mediterranean diet for type 2 Diabetics

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A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine found that newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients following a Mediterranean diet were significantly less likely to need medicine after four years than those on a low-fat diet.

Holistic Solutions for Lupus.

submitted by: Johnny Pietersen - Lupus is a complex multi-faceted auto immune disorder with physical cure energetic cure mental and emotional components. Biogetica's holistic approach to Fibromyalgia uses sarcodes (energetic/informational imprints of optimal functions) to bring the body an

Should we focus on Cures or is it better to focus on uplifting lives

submitted by: Johnny Pietersen - This video discusses the cure controversies across different systems of medicine. Natural medicine systems like Ayurveda and Homeopathy rarely get into the duality of whether a certain ailment can be cured. Allopathy on the other hand often does and lands up in a situation where very few ailments or diseases can be cured. Is it productive or counter-productive to focus on finding cures? Is it better to focus on curing people or keeping them well? IF you were no...

A Guaranteed Holisitic Protocol for HPV.

submitted by: Johnny Pietersen - This video discusses a advanced holistic protocol for HPV that combines learning from Ayurveda Homeopathy Allopathy Chinese Medicine and Biotechnology. Central to the protocol is the use of nosodes (energetic imprints of the HPV virus) used to remind the body of the virus and coax an immune response against it. Along with nosodes the entire terrain of the mind body emotions is changed to make the body inhospitable to the Virus.

Guaranteed Herpes Therapy and Treatment

submitted by: Johnny Pietersen - Biogetica has a groundbreaking approach to treating herpes that works in numerous ingenius ways to outsmart the virus. Nosodes are energetic imprints of a virus that are used to remind the immune system of exact viral RNA. Nosodes are used in a vaccine like manner to remind the immune system to create specific antibodies and fight the herpes virus even when it lies dormant. Nosodes fared brilliantly in independant clinic trials and helped 82% of genital herpes...