Dr. Carolyn Sok – Avalon University

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During your study at Avalon University School of Medicine you can experience the best Caribbean Island and its beautiful Caribbean Culture with vibrant colors of this island.

Anthony Russo - Student of Avalon University

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Medical University, Avalon University Pre-medical program offered in Curacao, Chicago, Ontario. AUSOM faculty consists of professors who are qualified physicians with a great experience and knowledge of basic sciences and the USMLE.

Diet, microbiota, and microbial metabolites in colon cancer risk in rural Africans and African Americans

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Background: Epidemiologic studies have suggested that most cases of sporadic colon cancer can be attributed to diet. The recognition that colonic microbiota have a major influence on colonic health suggests that they might mediate colonic carcinogenesis. Objective: To examine the hypothesis that the influence of diet on colon cancer risk is mediated by the microbiota through their metabolites, we measured differences in colonic microbes and their metabolites in African Americans with a...
Authors: Junhai Ou, Franck Carbonero, Erwin G Zoetendal, James P DeLany, Mei Wang, Keith Newton, H Rex Gaskins, Stephen JD O’Keefe

Disparity in embrasure fill and papilla height between tooth- and implant-borne fixed restorations in the anterior maxilla: a cross-sectional study

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Purpose: The objective of the present study was to compare interproximal fill and papilla height between different embrasures. Material and methods: One hundred and fifty non-smoking consecutive patients (mean age 54, range 32–73; 63 males and 87 females) without periodontal disease were selected in a multidisciplinary practice during regular supportive care. All had been treated for multiple tooth loss in the anterior maxilla at least one year earlier by means of a fixed restoration on...
Authors: Jan Cosyn, Hugo De Bruyn

A videoscope for use in minimally invasive periodontal surgery

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Abstract Introduction: Minimally invasive periodontal procedures have been reported to produce excellent clinical results. Visualization during minimally invasive procedures has traditionally been obtained by the use of surgical telescopes, surgical microscopes, glass fibre endoscopes or a combination of these devices. All of these methods for visualization are less than fully satisfactory due to problems with access, magnification and blurred imaging. Clinical Innovation: A...
Authors: SK Harrel, TG Wilson Jr, F Rivera-Hidalgo

Favorable MMPI-2 Changes After 3 Months of Initiating Testosterone Treatment in FTMs: A Prospective Controlled Study Part 2 of 2

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The graduate student symposium showcases the latest research in transgender health from graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and other advanced research trainees across a variety of academic disciplines.