SDSU Geological Sciences - Seminar - Shuo Ma

submitted by: tcarrasc
A Physical Model for Widespread Near-Surface and Fault Zone Damage Induced by Earthquakes - Seismic observations indicate that material velocities at shallow depths decrease over a large area after large earthquakes. The reductions are widespread, and occur at distances of up to several source dimensions. A persistent low-velocity fault zone has also been documented extensively from seismic and geodetic observations, in which the velocity drops further after large earthquakes. Dynamic...

Vertical Aligned Carbon Nanotube Surface (VA-CNTs) promising for Spider Man

submitted by: andrewsun

Zhonglin Wang and co-workors mimic the toe of gecko and produce an adhesive surface that can hold a 100kg person with a normal hand area.

Liangti Qu, Liming Dai, Morley Stone, Zhenhai Xia, and Zhong Lin Wang
Science 10 October 2008 322: 238-242 [DOI: 10.1126/science.1159503]

Knot theory experiment

submitted by: andrewsun

Experimental method to test the knot theory


submitted by: ingjazz

Experiencia Nº2: Regresión de Datos Experimentales y Modelos Físicos.

Plasmonics for Sensing Applications

submitted by: akher

Surface plasmons are oscillations in electron density formed at the interface between a metal and an insulator. The project will use surface plasmon resonance on 2D nanohole arrays for biological sensing.

Nanowire Solar Cells

submitted by: TedSanders

I spent the summer of 2008 modeling the light absorption of nanowire solar cells.