GRID Infrastructure in Sicily

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GRID Infrastructure in Sicily

SDSU Geological Sciences Webinar - Anthony Park

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Patterned mineral deposits on Earth and Mars Anthony J. Park Sienna Geodynamics and Consulting, Inc. Computational Science Research Center (CSRC), San Diego State University Well-exposed Jurassic Navajo Sandstone iron oxide concretions preserve important diagenetic records of groundwater flow and water–rock interactions. Field relationships, precipitation patterns, and geometries of the Navajo concretions provide the basis for input parameters in numerical computer simulations and...

MSMBuilder: Open Source Software for Describing Dynamics with Markov State Models

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Simbios talk given by Greg Bowman at Stanford University on April 22, 2009.

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University of Maine Spatial Information Research 1: Michael Worboys

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This is a short summary of the current research interests of Professor Michael Worboys of the Department of Spatial Information Science and Engineering.

What is Morse Theory?

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Carsten Schultz speaks on "What is ... Morse Theory?" at the "What is ...?" seminar. The talk took place on Friday, November 13, 4pm at Freie Universität Berlin. Abstract A Morse function on a differentiable manifold is a real valued function with only nice critical points. The idea behind Morse Theory is to use a function like this to obtain global information on the manifold. We will have a look at some instances of this approach.

The global spread of Hepatitis C Virus

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This video is a slideshow describing the main findings of our paper: The global spread of Hepatitis C Virus 1a and 1b: A phylogeographic and phylodynamic analysis, published in PLoS Medicine on the 15th December 2009 (Article).