I-CAMP 2010 Australia Thursday June 24 Stuart Jackson Fibre Lasers Lecture I

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I-CAMP 2010 Australia Thursday June 24 Stuart Jackson Fibre Lasers Lecture I
Education Building Rm 424, University of Sydney, Australia
10:30am Thursday June 24, 2010

The Burbea-Rao and Bhattacharyya centroids

submitted by: Frank Nielsen
We study the centroid with respect to the class of information-theoretic distortion measures called Burbea-Rao divergences. Burbea-Rao divergences generalize the Jensen-Shannon divergence by measuring the non-negative Jensen difference induced by a strictly convex and differentiable function expressing a measure of entropy. We first show that a symmetrization of Bregman divergences called Jensen-Bregman distances yields a natural definition of Burbea-Rao divergences. We then define skew...

Cool Space Science

submitted by: 753k

This video shows why science is cool. Science helps us do cool things like build spacesuits, lunar landers and all terrain rovers that allow us to explore space and other planets.

Attention-slice status updates

submitted by: thermochap
Individual attention-slice status updates, using social media now accessible via mobile-communications across the globe, can help provide data for information-theory based models of evolving complexity with deep roots in the mathematical, physical, and biological sciences. In particular, status-update tools for reporting the fraction of one's attention spent taking care of matters that look inward and outward from skin, family, and culture can provide powerful, and eventually objective,...

science is cool...are you?

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We will show you the science behind football

DNA Sudoku

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Second part of seminar at Whitehead/MIT