Clinical Psychophysiology with Paul Rapp Ph.D. Week 1 Part 1/5

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This is part 1 of 5 of the first class of Clinical Psychophysiology taught by Professor Paul Rapp at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences taught through the Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology. Discussion focuses on the following article:

Miller, G. A., Elbert, T., Bradley, S. and Heller, W. (2007). Innovative clinical assessment technologies: Challenges and opportunities in neuroimaging. Psychological Assessment. 19(1), 58-73.

Carmen inside lab

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Real life scientist doing real life science in real life lab.

Sapphire and Corriea Middle School SDSF EXPO

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Scientists in residents partnership with Sapphire Energy, Science Bridge and Correia Middle School

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Kathryn Anderson

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Chemical and Physical changes within the damage and pulverized zones of the Mojave segment of the San Andreas fault: implications for the origin of pink potassium feldspar grains - Kathryn Anderson - M.S. Candidate - Department of Geological Sciences - San Diego State University - Advisor Dr. Tom Rockwell, Gary Girty, Neta Wechsler ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We mapped a tabular zone of pink potassium feldspar alteration in granitic...

The Scientific Breakdown

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What is science? Hint: it isn't just tests and lab goggles.

I-CAMP 2010 Australia Thursday June 24 Stuart Jackson Fibre Lasers Lecture I

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I-CAMP 2010 Australia Thursday June 24 Stuart Jackson Fibre Lasers Lecture I
Education Building Rm 424, University of Sydney, Australia
10:30am Thursday June 24, 2010