Biggest Physics Discovery of this Century

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Magnetism is caused by the Bernoulli effect.

The Bernoulli effect is to Pressure - as Gravity is to electrical-mass Pressure.


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A binary system of numbers is one that is composed only of ones and zeros. It was the system of choice for people who developed early computers--they needed a reliable way to get information across electrical circuits, and a way that was easy for the systems to understand.

The Fourteen Lattices of Auguste Bravais

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This video is made as a primer for Condensed Matter students and is showing the potential energy fields of different Bravais Lattices.

It was made using the Coulomb's law to compute a cube of data. The dataset is then sent to a ray tracer which produces the images in the video. The background colors show the potential energy contours of different charge configurations. The colors red green blue are used in an alternating sequence for adjacent contours.

Piston Rotary Engine - THREEE CHIDOT - ABSOLUTE motion

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SYNISON Laboratory LTD R E V E A L S * the Innovative & Impressively FLEXIBLE MOTION PATTERN of Pistons of the New Piston Rotary Engine: "THREEE CHIDOT" (Absolute Motion). { this video is just a demo; for a Complete Piston Absolute Position Array (CPAPA) and/or a Complete Toothing Profile Point Array (CTPPA), of an Optimized Model, visit: } (*) WO/2009/040588: Application Example & Claim 7: - YELLOW peripheral stripe represents the INTAKE slot - MAGENTA...


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It's been called "the Queen of Sciences"--mathematics. It might not be as obvious in Olympic sports as physics or materials-engineering, but math--from simple arithmetic to calculus--is part of every jump, every spin, every move the athletes make on snow or ice. Mathematician Edward Burger from Williams College explains why math counts.

Science of NFL Football - Vectors

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"Science of NFL Football" is a 10-part video series funded by the National Science Foundation and produced in partnership with the National Football League. In this segment, NBC's Lester Holt looks at the role vectors play every time an NFL quarterback throws a pass. With the help of former NFL quarterback Joey Harrington, NSF-funded scientists Professor John Ziegert of Clemson University and Professor Rhonda Hughes of Bryn Mawr College explain how to use vectors to calculate the speed and...