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Dr. Foster - Math in Elementary Schools

Video Lesson

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Dr. Foster - Math in Elementary Schools

SDSU Geological Sciences Webinar - Gulsen Ucarkus

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New Insights Into The Relationship Between Fault Segmentation And Earthquake Rupture: The North Anatolian Fault, Turkey Gulsen Ucarkus Post-doctoral Researcher Scripps Institution of Oceanography -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strike-slip faults are often segmented by step-overs resulting in a variety of deformation styles such as constraining bends, releasing bends and rotational deformation. These step-overs or discontinuities...

Monumental Electrical Discovery re: Einstein and Gravity.

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A monumental unveiling of Electricity and Gravity that gives us one of the biggest breakthroughs in Electricity since Maxwell and Faraday.

Multi-Cellular Rosettes in the Mouse Visceral Endoderm Facilitate the Ordered Migration of Anterior Visceral Endoderm Cells

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Find the article at . The visceral endoderm (VE) is a simple epithelium that forms the outer layer of the egg-cylinder stage mouse embryo. The anterior visceral endoderm (AVE), a specialised subset of VE cells, is responsible for specifying anterior pattern. AVE cells show a stereotypic migratory behaviour within the VE, which is responsible for correctly orientating the anterior-posterior axis. The epithelial...

Young Cancer Patient Inspires Hope

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Shane Leonard, a talented young man with his whole life ahead of him, did not let cancer create despair. Instead, Shane looked for opportunities in his new cancer hospital surroundings to inspire his future. At 17, cancer was found in his salivary gland. After surgery, he came to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center for follow-up proton radiation treatment. In Shane's spare time, he would study quantum mechanics lectures and became friends with the senior medical physicist of...