The Real Lab: Orthopaedic Mechanobiology

submitted by: eternes

University of Maryland students take a fun look into the "real lab" life of three biomechanical engineering undergraduates who research how engineering and biology can help our health.

Examining Fire Safety of On-Campus Housing or Your Room is a Mess!

submitted by: eternes

A University of Maryland undergraduate Gemstone team shows how the typical dorm room can be a fire hazard and how to make it safer

MX-2 Space Suit Analogue

submitted by: eternes

University of Maryland undergraduates Ali Husain, Heather Bradshaw and Adam Mirvis make a splash with their research on the spacesuit of tomorrow in the University of Maryland 's Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility .

Understanding Fire Phenomena

submitted by: eternes

Why things burn, with super video of flame, by University of Maryland fire protection engineering graduate students Haiwen Ding and Jeff Keslin

Introduction to Plasma

submitted by: eternes

Great visuals and a clear explanation of the fourth state of matter, by University of Maryland materials science engineering major Michael Sweatt and graduate student Bobby Bruce

Photonic Dipole Contours of Ferrofluid Hele-Shaw Cell (Three & Four Magnet)

submitted by: SirZerp
This investigation describes and demonstrates a novel technique for the visualization of magnetic fields. Two ferrofluid Hele-Shaw cells have been constructed to facilitate the imaging of magnetic field lines. We deduce that magnetically induced photonic band gap arrays similar to electrostatic liquid crystal operation are responsible for the photographed images and seek to mathematically prove the images are of exact dipole nature. This is the last of the video series, the three/four...