Science Behind the News: Bio-inspired Materials

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In the search for the next groundbreaking tough material, scientists like David Kisalus from the University of California, Riverside are looking to nature for inspiration, including under the sea where one little crustacean packs a walloping punch - the peacock mantis shrimp.

Provided by the National Science Foundation & NBC Learn

Harvesting Electricity: Triboelectric Generators Capture Wasted Power

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With one stomp of his foot, Zhong Lin Wang illuminates a thousand LED bulbs--with no batteries or power cord. A professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Wang is using what’s technically known as the triboelectric effect to create surprising amounts of electric power by rubbing or touching two different materials together.

Source: Georgia Institute of Technology

Genesis Non-Newtonian

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Standing wave colection to concentric radial for human face standing wave soliton.
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Nanoparticle-Liquid Crystal Composites

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Nanoparticle-Liquid Crystal Composites by Dr. Torsten Hegmann, Kent State University

Gold Nanoparticles

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Gold Nanoparticles by Dr. Torsten Hegmann, Kent State University

New Device Applications of Liquid Crystals

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New Device Applications of Liquid Crystals by Dr. Philip J. Bos, Kent State University