SWIB14 - Christoph Böhme / Michael Büchner - Entity Facts - A light-weight authority data service

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Entity Facts - A light-weight authority data service Christoph Böhme / Michael Büchner Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Germany / Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek, Germany Abstract The German National Library has published a new web service called Entity Facts. The main goal of Entity Facts is to provide aggregated information about entities from various sources in a way that makes it easy to present this data to the user. The information provided by Entity Facts is based on the Integrated...

SWIB14 - Tom Grahame - Using linked data to annotate semantically the BBC's content

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Linked Data at the BBC emerged as a set of ideas, techniques and technologies to build websites and has gone on to show how those techniques can improve and simplify production workflows, and provide interesting automated aggregations for our audiences. The success of applying the technology to deliver the online coverage of major sporting events has demonstrated the potential for reusing the semantic infrastructure as a central part of the BBC production workflow. To support this decision,...

SWIB14 - Timo Borst - Welcome/Opening

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Timo Borst - ZBW Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

SWIB14 - Silke Schomburg - Welcome/Opening

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Silke Schomburg

SWIB14 - Alexander Vogt - Welcome/Opening

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Alexander Vogt (SPD), Member of Landtag Nordrhein-Westfalen

Порнография - знак современного поколения. Системно-векторная психология Юрия Бурлана - svp

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Еще 30-40 лет назад слово «порнография» считалось порнографическим. Сегодня растет поколение детей в условиях полного доступа к разглядыванию порнографии. Остановить это нельзя, но мы обязаны это понимать, разбираться в этом, учитывать, а не шарахаться как деревенская...