Moby, Legacy Apps and the Semantic Web

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[Note: poor video quality lasts only for the first 30 seconds] Presentation given at the Web Services Biohackathon '08 in Tokyo, Japan 2008-02-11. It describes tools for using and providing interoperable bioinformatics Web services. This presentation followed another one outlining the (Bio)Moby protocol and its usage, see for more information. Presenter: Paul Gordon .


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Thermography allows the investigator to create a 3 dimensional image based on infrared emissions from tissue. Warmer tissues show up as yellow and white, whereas darker colors represent cooler structures. Malignant tumors are metabolically active and appear yellow and white on the images.
Metastatic melanoma in left inguinal lymphonodes - metastatic melanoma in left leg -
Prof. Camillo O. Di Cicco, MD

Eksperyment w Argonne 1993

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An experiment with nuclear spectroscopy in Argonne National Laboratory, 1993.


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A lecture on nanotechnologies in nuclear spectroscopy.


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New detector - germanium array with tracking


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An Atomic Force Miscoscope at the Institute of Nuclear Physics at the Polish Academy of Science.