Foundations for Bayesian Updating

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Talk by Leeat Yarivabout "Foundations for Bayesian Updating"

The Economics of Internet Search

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Talk by Hal R. Varian about "The Economics of Internet Search"

COSMOS Lecture: Sustainability and Climate Change

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Talk by Paul Linden about "Sustainability and Climate Change"

A General Definition and Nomenclature for Alternative Splicing Events

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Understanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for the regulation of the transcriptome present in eukaryotic cells is one of the most challenging tasks in the postgenomic era. In this regard, alternative splicing (AS) is a key phenomenon contributing to the production of different mature transcripts from the same primary RNA sequence. As a plethora of different transcript forms is available in databases, a first step to uncover the biology that drives AS is to identify the different...
Authors: Michael Sammeth, Sylvain Foissac, Roderic Guigó

HPC Structure Demo

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Application demo:
Author: Rolando Charlits Navarro

Energy Generation Expansion Planning Problem

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Application Demo.
Authors Henrique Luz, Fabio Castanheira and Luiz F. L. Legey on behalf of LOA