04-04-2013 - Journal Club - Guergana Savova

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Towards comprehensive syntactic and semantic annotations of the clinical narrative Albright D, Lanfranchi A, Fredriksen A, Styler WF 4th, Warner C, Hwang JD, Choi JD, Dligach D, Nielsen RD, Martin J, Ward W, Palmer M, Savova GK. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2013 Jan 25. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23355458 Guergana Savova, Ph.D Harvard Medical School This project takes a foundational step towards bringing the field of clinical NLP up to par with NLP in the general domain. The corpus...

LIGHT absolutely does NOT exist.

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Light is only the electromagnetic waves of HEAT that hit our retinas and what only our BRAINS then define as Light.

03-15-2013 External Webinar - Dr. George Alter

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New Tools for Data Discovery and Sharing Confidential Data at ICPSR Dr. George Alter Professor of History Director, Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research University of Michigan ABSTRACT Founded in 1962, ICPSR is the world’s largest archive of social science data. This presentation will provide background on ICPSR’s activities with emphasis on recent developments in data discovery and access to confidential data. New search tools are being developed to...

JAMIA Webinar - 2013

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March 2013, JAMIA Webinar. Presenter: Griffin Weber,MD. CIO of Harvard Medical School

The Stanford Healthy Neighborhood Discovery Tool: A Computerized Tool to Assess Active Living Environments

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Background: The built environment can influence physical activity, particularly among older populations with impaired mobility. Existing tools to assess environmental features associated with walkability are often cumbersome, require extensive training, and are not readily available for use by community residents. Purpose: This project aimed to develop and evaluate the utility of a computerized, tablet-based participatory tool designed to engage older residents in identifying neighborhood...
Authors: Matthew Buman, Sandra Winter, Jylana Sheats, Eric Hekler, Jennifer Otten, Lauren Grieco, Abby King

Geomapping reveals environmental influence on behaviors and cancer risk

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In her research, Lorraine Reitzel, Ph.D., uses geographic information systems technology, with the help of Seann Regan, to obtain information about a geographic area. This allows her to better understand why people engage in certain behaviors and how their environment impacts health and cancer risk.