01-18-13 External Webinar - Dr. Nicola Ferro

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Supporting IR Experimentation through Evaluation Infrastructures Dr. Nicola Ferro Department of Information Engineering University of Padua, Italy Abstract: The talk will discuss the need for proper infrastructures to manage the experimental evaluation of multilingual and multimedia information access systems and it will present the most recent achievements of the PROMISE network of excellence in this respect in terms of a modular, flexible, and extensible evaluation infrastructure...

11-16-12 External Webinar - Dr. Craig Knoblock

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Karma: An Information Integration Framework to Support Scientific Discovery ABSTRACT Scientists today spend a tremendous amount of time extracting, cleaning, and integrating data from various sources and services in course of conducting their research. Today most researchers either perform these tasks manually using a spreadsheet or they write specialized programs to perform these tasks. We are developing an end-user integration framework, called Karma, to support the rapid integration...

Building Public Trust in Uses of HIPAA De-Identified Date

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The aim is to build public trust. Without privacy protection, people will aboid having their data shared. Their goal is to identify which concerns are "real" and begin discussion on how to resolve those concerns.

Adaptation in recombining populations

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Adaptation in recombining populations -Boris Shraiman - UCSB (Santa Barbara)
Cargese 2012 - Emergent Order in Biology (12-3)
July 23 – August 03, 2012

SWIB12 - Why schema.org? (Richard Wallis)

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