SDSU Geological Sciences Webinar - Jared Kluesner

submitted by: tcarrasc
Geologic and Hydrologic Role of Sill Intrusion and Delineation of the Oceanic Crustal Boundary in the Central Gulf of California; Jared Kluesner, Marine Physical Laboratory, Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Geologic and Hydrologic Role of Sill Intrusion and Delineation of the Oceanic Crustal Boundary in the Central Gulf of California High-resolution multichannel profiles recently shot in the central Gulf of California display concordant and discordant (concave-upwards) sills intruded...

Trailer: Water Before Anything

submitted by: Doorbell Productions

A movie that documents the successful Task Force process in Oregon's Umatilla County. Umatilla County has one of the worst groundwater depletion problems in the world. Five years ago a Task Force was formed to address sustainability and water rights. In 2009 the Umatilla Planning Commission adopted the Task Force's plan for sustainability beyond the year 2050. This film chronicles the conversation around groundwater and proposes that water is unique in its ability to transform conflict.

Kaleidoscope Project

submitted by: Doorbell Productions

A proposal for an interactive process that integrates myth and science regarding water-culture awareness. If science and myth are reconciled, we believe that synthesis can occur within communities in ways that enable collaboration, trust building, and local water policy change, especially where common pool resources are a concern.
Kaleidoscope Authors: John Klock, Ana Lu Fonseca, Denise Elston, Sarah Sheldrick, and Brock Tabor

Visualization in Hydrology using Google Earth

submitted by: broxtopd
This submission is designed to illustrate the effectiveness of using Google Earth visualizations to convey hydrologic information. The presentation is divided into several parts. After an introduction, there is a section describing the usefulness of using Google Earth to display spatial data, a section highlighting the overlay of static map coverages in Google Earth such as USGS topographic overlays and maps representing various topographic characteristics, and a section pertaining to my...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis - Matt Burgess

submitted by: tcarrasc
Characterizing an Artificial-Recharge Site in a Desert Environment Using Time-Domain Electromagnetics - Matt Burgess; M.S. Candidate, Advisors Dr. George Jiracek, Dr. Paul Bedrosian (USGS): Time-domain electromagnetics (TEM) were applied to characterize the subsurface in the vicinity of a proposed artificial hydraulic recharge site. Because of the investment involved, it is important to know the possible barrier effect of a major fault situated near the proposed recharge site. In this...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis - Afton Van Zandt

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Southern Coyote Creek Fault to Superstition Hills Fault: New Insight to the San Jacinto Fault System - Afton Van Zandt; M.S. Candidate, Advisors Dr.Rob Mellors , Dr. Thomas K. Rockwell, and Dr. Douglas A. Stow: The Superstition Hills fault (SHF) is an active fault in the San Jacinto fault zone that also creeps aseismically. 58 interferograms from ERS-1 and ERS-2 satellite data (descending, track 356, frame 2943) spanning a time period from 1992 to 2000 were analyzed to measure surface...