PLoS Biology: Converging Currents in Climate-Relevant Conservation: Water, Infrastructure, and Institutions

submitted by: johoma
The conservation community has not fully accounted for the implications of climate change to our work, which has become integrated with economic development in recent decades. Many of the largest impacts on ecosystems and species come from infrastructure investments, especially water infrastructure. Given the sensitivity of the water cycle to climate change, there is a high risk of long-lived water infrastructure developing such severe mismatches with its ambient climate that the investment...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Nissa Morton

submitted by: tcarrasc
Fault zone architecture of the San Jacinto fault zone in Horse Canyon, southern California: implications for focused fluid flow during rupture at shallow crustal levels Nissa Morton M.S. Candidate Advisor Dr. Gary Girty ABSTRACT Stream cuts in Horse Canyon southwest of Anza, CA have exposed the fault core, adjacent damage zone, and wall rocks of the San Jacinto fault at an approximate depth of 0.4 km. Here the juxtaposition of tonalitic plutons provides a unique opportunity to assess...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Rebbeca Tsang

submitted by: tcarrasc
Toward Development of a Long Rupture History of the Northern Imperial Fault in Mesquite Basin, Imperial Valley, Southern California Rebecca Tsang M.S. Candidate Advisor Dr. Thomas Rockwell ABSTRACT The Imperial fault is a 70-km long, northwest-striking, dextral fault located in the Salton Trough, which along with the San Jacinto and Elsinore faults, are considered part of the San Andreas fault system and accommodate a significant proportion of the North American-Pacific plate-boundary...

Velocity Distribution of Particles in Quasi-2D silo

submitted by: emreyildiz

Velocity distribution of polydisperse particles of 2 and 4mm particles poured down to a quasi-2D container.

Segregation Simulation in a 2D Silo

submitted by: emreyildiz

2 and 4 mm particles, 0.5 volume fraction

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Rumi Takedatsu

submitted by: tcarrasc
Estimation of Lateral Variations of the Mohorovičić Discontinuity Using 2D Modeling of Receiver Functions Rumi Takedatsu Advisor Dr. Kim Bak Olsen ABSTRACT We have used 2D finite difference modeling to examine the efficacy of estimating a relatively abrupt offset (>~35o) in Moho depth with a slant-stacking technique (Zhu and Kanamori 2000) from radial 0-2Hz P-wave receiver functions (RFs) at a single or a few closely-spaced stations. In particular, we have examined the advantage...