CUAHSI Cyberseminar: Sankar Arumugam, North Carolina State University, 4/1/2011

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Climate Forecasts and Water Management: Opportunities and Challenges — An overview of the utility of climate forecasts in improving water management is presented. Importance of uncertainty reduction through multimodel combination and need for management models that utilize probabilistic information are also discussed.

The Global Energy Transition: What Will It Take to Make The Switch

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Summary: Energy impacts every aspect of our lives – yet energy remains a vast and complex subject. For the past two years I have been filming a major documentary on global energy. Based on personal visits to many of the world’s leading energy sites and conversations with top industry, academic and government leaders, I will look inside the complex world of energy and provide a realistic and balanced view of energy supply, demand, efficiency, infrastructure, and scale. All major forms of...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Anthony Fisher

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Geochemical assessment of mixing advanced treated wastewater and groundwater in the Harmony Grove Basin, Southern California Anthony Fisher ABSTRACT The Harmony Grove basin aquifer is located in San Diego California. This location is being sought after by the Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District for storage of advanced treated wastewater (ATW). After storage, pumping of groundwater is proposed for potable reuse. The project consultant sampled and analyzed groundwater chemical...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Julio Morin

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Growth Dynamics in the Intertidal Barnacle Megabalanus: Development of a Subseasonal Paleoceanographic Archive Julio F. Morin ABSTRACT The arthropod Megabalanus coccopoma is indigenous to coastal Baja California, but migrated up to San Diego due to an El Nino event in the early 80s (Newman and McConnaughey 1987). Megabalanus dates back to the Miocene (Doyle et al. 2007) is a useful local indicator of exposure and submergence intervals due to their feeding habits which correlates to...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Leah Carrigan

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Paleodepth reconstruction through the Pennsylvanian Finis Shale of Texas: Insights from brachiopod oxygen isotopes Leah Carrigan ABSTRACT The Upper Pennsylvanian Finis Shale occurs within the Graham Formation of the Cisco Group and represents a mud-dominated environment along the eastern shelves of the sub-equatorial Midland Basin (Pierce et al., 2010). In a representative section of the Finis Shale, Forcino et al. (2010) documented a fundamental decrease in the abundance and biomass...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Rachel Errthum

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The Geochemical Characteristics of the lower Miocene Volcanic and Epiclastic Unit, Picacho State Recreation Area, SE California

Rachel Errthum