CUAHSI Hydrologic Information Systems: A Community Briefing

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CUAHSI 10/28/2005 Cyberseminar presentation by David Maidment Maidment, University of Texas, Austin

NCED: The National Center for Earth Earth-surface Dynamics

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CUAHSI 10/14/2005 Cyberseminar presentation by Efi Foufoula & Chris Paola, University of Minnesota

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis - Andrew Gritz

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Effect of Heterogeneous Prestress on Near-Field Rupture Directivity Andrew Gritz M.S. Candidate Department of Geological Sciences San Diego State University Advisor Steven Day To supplement the very limited number of strong motion recordings in areas near to earthquake sources, numerical modeling of the rupture process and radiated seismic energy was carried out to study such ground motion. The near fault region is susceptible to very strong shaking both because of proximity to the...

Control and Regulation of Stem Cells with Irving L. Weissman Interviewed by Catherine Cormier

Irving L. Weissman, M.D., is the Director of the Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Director of the Stanford Cancer Center and Director of the Stanford Ludwig Center for Stem Cell Research. Dr. Weissman was a member of the founding Scientific Advisory Boards of Amgen (1981-1989), DNAX (1981-1992), and T-Cell Sciences (1988-1992). He co-founded SyStemix in 1988, StemCells in 1996, and Celtrans (now Cellerant), the successor to SyStemix, in 2001. He is a...

International Soil Metagenome - Sequencing Project

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Soil is often considered to be one of the main reservoirs of microbial diversity on the planet. This diversity could provide a range of information about the origins of microbial functional diversity as well as novel genetic resources. However, our historical inability to cultivate the majority of soil bacteria has hampered our understanding and exploitation of this large diverse community (more than 95% are often considered inaccessible through traditional culture techniques). Over the last...