Seething History

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A Scripps team captures gases emitted from Iceland's volcanoes to plumb the island's geologic roots and address hot scientific debates.

Bears Cave - Pestera Ursilor

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Presentation of Bears Cave situated in Apuseni mountains - Romania

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis - John Mayhew

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Goodness-of-fit Criteria for Broadband Synthetic Seismograms, With Application to the 2008 Mw5.4 Chino Hills, CA, Earthquake: John Mayhew, M.S. Candidate, Department of Geological Sciences, San Diego State University, Advisor Dr. Kim Bak Olsen - We present a goodness-of-fit measure for broadband ground motion time histories. As is the case with the goodness-of-fit measure proposed by Anderson (2004), our method includes a set of user-weighted metrics such as peak ground motions, response...

Discovering Diversity In The Tropics

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Scripps researchers hunt for exotic medicine sources in Panama's diverse richness.

Birth of an Ocean

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Scripps scientists explore the Gulf of California to uncover its rich geological history and new ocean crust emerging from the seafloor -- The Sea of Cortez, or Gulf of California as it is known in the United States, is rich in history, which began long before John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts' chronicled their seagoing accounts in 1940's Log from the Sea of Cortez.

Seguimiento Cambio Global. Parque Nacional del Teide

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Experiencias destacables en otras Reservas de la Biosfera y Espacios Naturales: Parque Nacional del Teide.