20120424 - Protein Prediction 1 - Introduction to Protein Prediction 1 Summer 2012 - Intro 1: Amino Acids

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Date: 20120424
Course: Protein Prediction 1
Title: Introduction Protein Prediction 1 Summer 2012 - Intro 1: Amino Acids
Lecturer: Burkhard Rost

Tip of the Week: ChromoHub

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Today's tip of the week is on Chromohub, an annotated phylogeny of chromatin mediated signaling genes. For more information, check out our blog post at http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=12671

Video Tip of the Week: Publications track in UCSC Genome Browser

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An important new track in the UCSC Genome Browser provides text mining results from the literature to annotate genomic regions. For more details see http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=12420 .

Science Nation - Evolution in Action

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Professor Lawrence Gilbert and his team at the University of Texas at Austin have discovered a population of tropical butterflies that exemplify "evolution in action," and a rare research opportunity. Gilbert says they may be witnessing a species of butterfly splitting into two different species. For more information and more ScienceNation videos, go to http://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/science_nation/index.jsp

Science Nation - If These Teeth Could Talk

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With funding from the National Science Foundation, Peter Ungar is revealing more details about the lives of our human ancestors, and he's doing it through dentistry - sort of! The University of Arkansas anthropologist uses high tech dental scans to find out more about the diets of hominids, a technique that sometimes leads to new and very different conclusions. While anthropologists traditionally determine the diets of our ancestors by examining the size and shape of teeth and jaws, Ungar's...

Tip of the Week: Visualizing Galaxy

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A tip of the week introducing visualizing genomic data using Galaxy's visualization tool. For more information, check out the blog post at http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=12439