Super Yeast - Partners Video Magazine

submitted by: csrees

Purdue has modified a yeast that breaks down sugars of straw and corn waste for more cost-effective ethanol production. Super Yeast is a segment from Partners Video Magazine's latest episode, Fueling America. To view the entire episode visit:

Orchidaceae Morphology: Oncidium cultivar

submitted by: Timothy M. Jones

Orchid morphology of Oncidium. Structures labeled include: petals; sepals; callus; column; column wings; stigma; pollinia and anther cap. Includes a dissection that removes the anther cap to expose the pollinia.

Cancer Biology - Prof. Ching Lau (Part 1)

submitted by: ralanharris

Prof. Ching Lau lectures on cancer biology: Cancer as a genetic disease; Mutations and repair; Environmental interactions and cancer. Part of the Computer Aided Discovery Methods course offered at Baylor College of Medicine

Obtaining SNPs from UCSC Table Browser

submitted by: OpenHelix

A quick tip of the week on how to obtain a list of SNPs and data for a gene of interest quickly from the UCSC Table Browser

NetMHCpan, a Method for Quantitative Predictions of Peptide Binding to Any HLA-A and -B Locus Protein of Known

submitted by: mniel
Background Binding of peptides to Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) molecules is the single most selective step in the recognition of pathogens by the cellular immune system. The human MHC class I system (HLA-I) is extremely polymorphic. The number of registered HLA-I molecules has now surpassed 1500. Characterizing the specificity of each separately would be a major undertaking. Principal Findings Here, we have drawn on a large database of known...
Authors: Morten Nielsen, Claus Lundegaard, Thomas Blicher, Kasper Lamberth, Mikkel Harndahl, Sune Justesen, Gustav Røder, Bjoern Peters, Alessandro Sette, Ole Lund, Søren Buus

Wisskomm Videocast, 51 und 52. Woche 2007

submitted by: wisskomm

German Vodcast about Science Communication. Unsere Ausgabe zum Jahreswechsel: Bjoern Brembs , Ph.D. an der Freien Universität Berlin und Editor bei PLoS One über die Vorteile von PLoS One und SciVee für die wissenschaftliche Arbeit und wie man dadurch gute Mitarbeiter gewinnen kann.